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Online Security is a Top Priority at Southern Bank & Trust

Southern Bank & Trust is committed to providing customers with a secure online banking environment.  Sophisticated security measures have been enacted to facilitate an environment that protects users’ privacy and security.  Although an enhanced security architecture is in place, users must remain vigilant in protecting their financial and personal information when using conducting business on the internet or through Online Banking.

Below is a list of best practices when using Online Banking:

  • Create a “strong” password with at least 8 characters that include a combination of mixed case letters and numbers
  • Never share username and password information
  • Do not use account numbers, your social security number, or other personal information when creating account nicknames or other titles
  • Do not use public or other unsecured computers for Online Banking
  • Check your last login date/time every time you log in
  • Review account balances and transactions regularly
  • Take advantages of system alerts
  • Never conduct banking transactions while multiple browser windows or tabs are open

You can also learn more about online safety and security at these websites:

Federal Trade Commission

Identity Theft: Resources from the Government